Monday, September 8, 2008

412th Post - More Radio News

Joe Leary, morning guy at Hal FM in Halifax, was let go at the end of August.   That sucks.  I liked listening to him.

I think the problem with the station is the variety of music it plays. There isn't any. They play "classic rock", but it is songs that have been played to death, and which I never want to hear again, ever. If they are serious about surviving in this market, at least with this format, then they'll have to do some stuff like broaden their playlist. I don't think they will do this.

And the prizes they give away! Give me a break. When the Q is giving away trips, or money, or concert tickets, Hal was giving away a copy of a rock star's book (the guy from Motley Crue, whose name I will only think of after I post this message, and not until), or maybe tickets to the April Wine concert, held at some place out of town.


I wish Joe Leary well.

Much better news is how much fun Kool FM is to listen to these days. They play "anything", so you have a pretty good chance of hearing stuff on the radio that you haven't heard for an awfully long time. Check them out. I sure do. They are at 96.5 on the FM dial.

I have been in touch with their program director, Rob Johnson. I will ask him if it is ok if I post his e-mails to me on this blog. They will make for interesting reading.

Hmm. Wonder if he'd consent to an interview?


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