Tuesday, September 9, 2008

413rd Post - It Just Happened!

Meredith Dault of CBC radio just left my humble abode. We discussed my interest and participation in freecycle. I mentioned some of the things I have acquired through freecycle over the last few years, but more importantly the things I have given away (neck ties, a vcr, dvd player, cookbooks, board games, a toaster oven, popcorn maker, cat carriers, etc.).

Just as were finishing, in the spirit of freecycle, I offered her a couple boxed sets of the first 16 James Bond movies (on vhs) along with a few other JB films that were not part of boxed sets. She said she and her boyfriend (there is always a boyfriend!) were now set for the winter, and that she had not seen many of those films.

She interviewed me for 15 minutes or so. Little pieces of it will end up in the story, which will air next week or so on CBC's Information Morning.

I will let you know when it is on.


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