Saturday, September 13, 2008

419th Post - Women and Shopping

I type these words while sitting on a bench at the Halifax shopping centre. Patricia is in a nearby store. Once again a woman has shopped me under the table

It used be the other way around. I looked so forward to going to the mall to check out whatever and to spend more than perhaps I could comfortably afford

Today I eschew the mall experience as much as I can. I avoid going to stores until and unless I need to. And I try to get out of extended shopping trips to places like Costco

I lack the passion the lust the interest

Women meanwhile get more jazzed about shopping as they move from one demographic to another. Patricia enjoys shopping very much. My mother thrives on it. She is 76 years old and uses a cane. But when she is in the store she is in her glory. She moves from store to store the way a bee flits from flower to flower

Me? I get conked out after half an hour. I become discouraged if the line up at the cash is too long. I yearn to be home

Patricia wants to go. I will write more later

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