Tuesday, September 16, 2008

424th Post - Living Up to My Nick Name

I believe I wrote on this blog before how my nick name at work is BSB, which is an abbreviation for Big Sweaty Bev.

I earned this name last year upon returning from a lunch hour spin class without having completely toweled down yet. I was flushed, and my hair a bit askew. I use gel, but not strong enough to prevent the Albert Einstein effect after spinning for 40 minutes.

I did another spin class today, my first one in a few months. With Patricia having been so sick, then vacations, and laziness, I just hadn't got to the gym in a long time. The more fool me. But I got there today, and feel better for it. I will go back and do some weights perhaps as early as Wednesday, and hope to do another spin class on Thursday.

Time to get rid of my spare tire.

I'm back on track!


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