Saturday, September 20, 2008

433rd Post - Saturday Cottage Blogging

I finished mowing the lawn late Friday afternoon. Took the better part of 3 hours. Being jostled and tossed around on a lawn tractor for that period of time is a good recipe ingredient for a good night's sleep and I sure did get one

It occurs to me that someone would make a bucket load of money (large bills) if they invented some type of entertainment device that could easily be installed on a lawn tractor. Allison told me yesterday that he saw one person affix a car radio to his lawn tractor. It ran off the battery of course. The wires coming from the car radio that normally would go to the speakers instead were soldered to a headphone jack. He also hooked up a whip antenna to the lawn tractor.

This work resulted in being able to listen to his radio while he spent hours and hours mowing the lawn. Pretty slick but not so great for those of us cowed by such a scheme and how to go about doing something like that

I suppose you could hook up a portable DVD player to a lawn tractor. Give you something to look at while you plummet to your death after riding off the edge of the property here

Hooked up an old pair of computer speakers from home to the DVD player. Gives me a cottage-style home theatre system. Started to watch "The Brave One" with Jodie Foster before turning in early

More later

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