Sunday, September 21, 2008

434th Post - Back to the City!

I returned to Halifax this afternoon. It is great to be at the cottage for a few days, even a week or two, but after that long, it is great to be back home.

I had a bout of the sleeping sickness while I was up there. I couldn't get enough rest. On Friday, after I mowed the lawn, I was bushed. Slept in Saturday morning, and took a long nap in the afternoon.

Turned in early Saturday night, after watching "The Fearless Vampire Killers" on dvd. I first watched that movie when I was in my teens, late one Friday night in 1978. I thought it was a scream. Hysterically funny. Last night, it was dull. Either someone sabotaged the film in the intervening years (re-shot all the scenes, hired crappy actors, whatever), or my tastes have changed to the point where it is difficult to appreciate that which I had liked so much back when I was a teenager.

Last summer, in '07, we watched Trading Places, the 1983 film that was one of Eddie Murphy's first big hits. You have probably seen it. You likely remember it fondly. Well, after seeing it again for the first time in many years, last year, we didn't get it any more. It elicited nary a chuckle from us, and it was a waste of time. Hammy acting, a hackneyed script, characters who should not be able to do certain things can do them with no problem, all added up to a movie that I wish I had not seen again. Remembering it as it had been when I was younger was probably the best thing to do. Not sure if I am wording it correctly, but some things are best left in the past, where the memory and perception of them can remain unblemished.

Anyway, I awoke with a headache this morning. I ate, took a shower (at the cottage! Yes, I know!) and prepared to return to the city. I got back home around 4:45, dropped off and fed Newbie, and then went to Patricia's for a nice chicken dinner. Just returned from that a little while ago. Newbie is on his new perch. He favours the ledge upon which my scanner rests. Good thing I put in that third shelf brace!

Back to work tomorrow. Looking forward to it.


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