Wednesday, September 24, 2008

440th Post - Missed it by This Much!

I fell asleep around 11:45 last night, so I missed the last little bit of Dancing with the Stars. I missed seeing the alleged comedian being kicked off.

Worked all day, and went to Toastmasters tonight. The Ah counter, who looks for vocalized pauses like "er" and "um", noted that I string sentences together a lot with the word "so". Ron is not the first person to bring this to my attention. I will work at it until this habit has been vanquished.

They have brought many faults to my attention over the years, those anal people at Toastmasters. I used to sway when I spoke in front of a group, like a willow tree. Got over that. I used to play with my grad ring (back when I wore it, that is) when I spoke. I'd take it off; put it back on; take it off; put it back on. Et cetera. Got over that. The "er's" and "um's" took longer, but they're pretty much gone. Now I just have to get over the "so's". And I will. Just give me some time.

Got home around 45 minutes ago. Fed the cat. Grilled a couple of hot dogs. Came down here to type this in. Watching "Dancing with the Stars". Five hours of this in one week is too much. I have no idea who two thirds of these stars are. The professional dancers are better known than the "stars" are, which is ironic. How long before there is a show called "Acting with the Dancers"? You know, the dancers from this show become well known enough to get their own show, where they're paired with professional actors in a sitcom or a drama? In either case, the hilarity would ensue.


Might have something there.


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