Saturday, September 27, 2008

443rd Post - True Lies Parking Space

There are several clich├ęs that abound in the movies and on TV shows. You know them as well as I do. The car that crashes into a cart of fruit. The action movie where the bad guys patiently line up one by one to fight the hero, rather than ganging up on him all at once and beating the poo out of him. The one I will focus on right now is the one about how there is always a parking space for a character to park in whenever he wants. Never drives around for 30 minutes becoming frustrated.

We saw "True Lies" when it first came out. You know, the Arnold Schwarzeneggar movie. There is such a scene in it. Arnie needs a parking space, and there is one.

Of course, in real life, one seldom finds a parking space one wants.


Patricia and I have had a great deal of good luck finding a parking space when we wanted one.

We were looking for a parking downtown a few minutes ago when a woman was vacating a space. I got Patricia to back up her car. We happily let her out and took the space as she left. Ticked off the guy behind us, but that is tough noogies for him, ennit?

Still feel sick. But not missing the concert!

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