Sunday, September 28, 2008

444th Post - Elton!

I was not feeling well at all as we made our way to the Elton John concert. I had a bad cold. I had slept most of the day. I still wanted to rest. But I gathered my strength and we made our way to the concert.

I am not the biggest EJ fan in the world. I like some of his songs, but am convinced that people have associated much of his music with pivotal, special, pleasant, moments in their lives, and consequently that he and those moments have become intertwined in such a way as to benefit him. Right place, right time.

But the concert was excellent. Just him and his piano, playing for nearly 3 hours. I have to admire someone who works that hard; he could have done a mere 2 hour show and it would have satisfied the fans.

Even songs that I didn't like that much, I liked last night. "Candle in the Wind" is overwrought treacle, imo, but last night it had a special quality. I had always liked "Someone Saved My Life Tonight", and he performed it. He also performed songs that were not hits, like the one about Roy Rogers. After many songs, he would receive a standing ovation.

Patricia was enraptured during the whole show, singing along with many of the tunes.

The tickets cost us a pretty penny. $400 for both. But it was worth it.

BTW, Elton John expressed a desire to return to Halifax as soon as he could. "It took me 39 years to come here. Let's hope it doesn't take that long again, because I'll be dead!"

Recovering nicely from my cold. I guess I can go back to work in the morning after all.

Couple of years ago, we saw INXS, with J.D. Fortune. We thought that was the best concert we'd seen at the Metro Centre. Elton John is now number one!


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