Monday, September 29, 2008

446th Post - A Humble Request

The next interview should be up for post #450. I think you will like it. And at least one more interview is in the works. After that, well, the interviews are a lot of work, and I would need to know that people like to read them and that all of that work is not for nothing. You know what I mean? Do you read the interviews and like them, or do you just skip them and go to something else. I need to know that I am not wasting my time.

By way of illustration, I spent six or seven hours working on this most recent interview already, with probably another 90 minutes or so before I can post it here. The longer the interview, the longer it takes to transcribe it. The Dawn Sloane interview, here, took me upwards of eight hours to transcribe. Once she vetted it, I had to add all kinds of hypertext links to the interview, the photos, and the like. The time producing these interviews is considerable. Not complaining. Just sayin', is all.

So, if you want more interviews on this blog, let me know via a comment to this post.




BlogReader said...

I like the interviews - especially the local politics. Maybe Peter Kelly?

Bevboy said...

Hi. Thanks for writing. I don't recall seeing you post here before.

Are you from the Halifax area? Too shy to give me your real name? :-)