Tuesday, September 23, 2008

438th Post - Disturbing!

Secure in sexuality much?

Local men who do not normally (one assumes!) wear high heels were wearing them today to raise money to combat breast cancer. We had to check it out, since our new fave radio station, Kool FM, was presenting it.

It was nice to meet Caroline Parker, but I am a little miffed with myself for not asking if she and Griff Henderson would pose for a picture with me. I do not normally miss these opportunities. I mean, I didn't ask Andrew Krystal to pose with me either, but he and we were at the lawyer's that evening, and it didn't seem right somehow. Who visits the lawyer's for a good reason, anyway? We certainly do not. Further, deponent sayeth naught!

Watched "Dancing with the Stars" last night. Cloris Leachman? Hmm. Can't get her out of my mind!


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