Monday, September 1, 2008

Post 400 - Ten Things

Welcome to post 400. Who thought that this Blog would last this long? I sure didn't!

Thought I would try something a little different this time. Ten things about me you didn't know. Did something similar a few months ago

In no particular order:

10. I buy Halloween candy in November when it is half price and store it in my freezer for 11 months and 29 days until the following Halloween. I save a lot of money this way

9. Whenever I open a box of kleenex I write the current date on the box. This lets me know how long the box lasts me

8. I love the horror genre. My interest has been rekindled in recent months with the discovery of the "podcast of horror". Google it. It is excellent. They love Steve Vernon a local author who also does palm reading at a Barrington street store called Little Mysteries. I have met him. He is an interesting character

7. I was nearly arrested when I was 19

6. Labour Day is a day when we are supposed to celebrate labour by doing none. I slept until mid afternoon today. Do I win something?

5. I still fondly recall an episode of sesame street from when I was a little kid. The cookie monster actually made himself shrink in order to get a treat. "Me do anything for cookie!!" has stayed with me for all of these years. Tenacious. Determined. Single minded. That is the cookie monster

4. The Stephen Hunter novel is still being read. "Point of Impact" is getting better and better

3. More interviews for the Blog are in the works

2. I love my computer desk. Bought another shelf brace for it last week and will install it this weekend

1. I will be interviewed by CBC radio next week. The story may run nationally! I will keep you up to date on this development

Enjoy the rest of your labour day

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