Wednesday, October 1, 2008

448th Post - Never Mind

I found out this morning that the Coast reader's poll closed a couple of weeks ago.

I don't read the Coast as assiduously as I used to. And they no longer have a printed reader's poll that you fill out in the paper and mail or fax in. It is all online. Consequently, it is difficult to tell when their poll began, and especially when it ended. Darn them.

If you did manage to vote for my blog before the contest ended, I thank you. If you tried to vote, and found you could not because the poll had closed (even though I had to call the coast this morning and be told this over the phone, because it is not evident when you access the website!), then I apologize for the wild goosechase, but appreciate your devotion to this blog.

Dawn Sloane kindly added a link to this blog in her facebook status. I hope that some of her 600 friends found their way here, and that at least some of them like it here enough to continue to read it. I thank Dawn for doing this for me. She is a good person and richly deserves a strong mandate to remain as downtown councillor in the upcoming municipal elections.

Post #450 will be the interview with... but that would be telling. He has to vet the interview before I put it up here. After post #449, tomorrow, I may have to put the blog on hiatus for a couple of days. Or, maybe, I'll just go straight to post #451, and "backfill" #450 when I get the go ahead to put up the interview. I haven't quite decided yet.

You know, at the end of a long, crappy day (well, the last couple of hours have been at least; those 2 hours have unfortunately clouded my perception of the entire day), it does feel good to sit down at my computer and blog for a bit. Cherry on top of the partially-eaten sundae.

See you tomorrow.


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