Thursday, October 2, 2008

449th Post - Decision Time

I still haven't heard whether it is ok to post my friend's interview for post #450, so that post will just be a place holder until I get that permission. I will go forward with post #451.

Taping "Supernatural" tonight on the CW. We love that show. We haven't watched the September 25 episode yet, so don't you be spilling the beans. We will catch up on that show when we're at the cottage next weekend. We will be (sob!) shutting it down for the season.

We had dinner at our favourite Chinese restaurant this evening. I liked the beef and broccoli so much, I ordered a second portion, which will be part of my lunch tomorrow. Hope my work mates don't mind, if you catch my drift!

I have a choice of watching the Leader's Debate for the upcoming Canadian election, or the Vice-Presidential debate between Palin and Biden. I need to get out more.


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