Monday, October 6, 2008

456th Post - No. Not Yet.

No. I haven't received word yet that I can put up the interview I did 11 days ago. I will contact him tomorrow and ask if it is ok to do so.

Had a good day at work. Well, it was the kind of day where a silly little thing that should work, doesn't; but things like this happen all the time in my line of work.

Voted online for the local municipal elections today. Took maybe 5 minutes. While the Coast newspaper has misgivings about the process, I have no reason to feel that way, so I voted with no hesitation. Saves me the time and trouble necessary to drive to the polling station. Any time away from the tv is time I resent, so voting this way works for me.

BTW, I found a page about Dawn Sloane on the Coast website that references my interview with her on this blog. Not sure how they found it, but it was nice of them to provide that link here. Here: I'll return the favour!!

Dancing with the Stars is on tonight. Will Cloris Leachman stink up the joint again? Will she even know where she is? Let's find out together, shall we?


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