Wednesday, October 8, 2008

460th Post - Strangest. Picture. Ever!

This is one I have never been able to get out of my mind. A guy I worked with years ago sent me this, and it became my wall paper image for a while. It still is, from time to time.

I can't get over the imagination of the person who photoshopped it. What was he thinking? What made him think to do this, to take such a seminal photograph and turn it into, well, this:

I have never been able to think of Lee Harvey Oswald in quite the same way since.

You probably won't be able to, either.



adSimba said...

ok Bev I just finnished reading every one of your posts, (I dont know if you noticed by my few comments, but yes I did read the whole thing backwords)I stumbeled upon your blog on friday and I have to say, you have a long way to go to be the most boring person from canada (except some of your local stuff, I'm from california and it doesnt pertain to me)

but anyway, that picture is really something, but dont let the conspiricy theorosts (sp?) get to it

Bevboy said...

You have read all 460 or so posts?

I am impressed. I haven't even read them all! :-)

Keep reading. And tell your friends about the blog. I want as many readers as I can get.

Thanks. All the best.