Thursday, October 9, 2008

462nd Post -- Too Much to Bear

I recently read a letter from a man who apologized for having stolen a 35 cent toy from a store back in the early 1940's. To make amends, he sent along 2 five dollar bills in the hope that the money would go to the descendants of the people from whom he had stolen the toy.

Here. Read the new story. You can also read the full text of the man's letter.

I will now go on the record that, as a child, when I didn't know any better, when I was foolish and uncaring, I removed the tag from my parents' couch. You know, the one that says that if you remove it, you will be arrested? Yes. That one. I tore that little tag off.

I have gone through life and love all of these years, carrying the burden and the shame of that youthful indiscretion, one which may yet have a huge consequence for me now by this admission. I can only try to make things right now by... I am not sure what. Mailing $10 to a random person all of these years later doesn't make any sense to me.

I suppose I could contact the manufacturer of the couch (or, "the chesterfield" as my parents call it) and throw myself at their mercy. Perhaps, in light of the positive contributions I have made to society in the intervening years, they will not throw the full weight of the law at me.

Maybe I will just be sentenced to a few hundred hours of community service.


I could get behind that.

I feel better already!



adSimba said...

you did know that it's only illigal to rip off the tag when the couch is still in the store, didnt you? The only "chesterfeild incident" victims were your parents, mail them the $10

Bevboy said...

All these years! All these years of shame... for nothing! :-)

Thanks, bud.