Friday, October 10, 2008

463rd Post - Steve Murphy Interview

I don't like to get into politics on this blog. I am bound to tick someone off, and there are plenty of rabid political blogs out there that I don't need to create one more. But I can't help but show you and then comment on Steve Murphy's interview with Stephane Dion that ran on the CTV news Thursday evening.

Here are the false starts for the interview, courtesy of youtube:

My comment is that Murphy was pretty unprofessional about this. It is not unusual to ask for a re-ask of a question and to re-start the tape. When CBC radio interviewed me last month, I asked to re-start a couple of times. Big deal!

And there is enough ambiguity in Murphy's question that it might confuse most anybody. I mean, being P.M. now? Or since the last election in January of '06? When? The question could have been worded a whole lot better.

Dion asked to start over, and for clarification, and he didn't really get it. I am no apologist for Stephane Dion, but he deserved to be treated better than that. And Steve Murphy should know better.

I don't know how much crap Steve Murphy will have to endure because of running these outtakes on the news last night. However much it is, it won't be enough.



Anonymous said...

I think the question was clear. WHAT WOULD MR DION HAVE DONE DIFFERENTLY IF HE HAD BEEN THE PM DURING THIS CRISIS. Jeez ... it ain't rocket science. The problem with Mr Dion is he lives on a continent with roughly 400 million english speaking people. His command of the english language is insufficient to meet the needs of 'our commander in chief'.

Bevboy said...

I found the question ambiguous enough that I would have asked for clarification. And what is wrong with asking for a repeat of a question at any time, anyway?

We hold politicians to such a high level that we mere mortals could or would never aspire to. They're human, too, believe it or not, and have moments when they are confused or misunderstand things.

I am told that Dion is an honourable man, a decent man, a nice man, and anything but stupid.

The facts that his hearing is not the greatest and his English needs some work should not preclude him from seeking public office. I do not know you, sir or madam, but I assume you do not mean that those things should.