Monday, October 13, 2008

468th Post - Thanksgiving

Had a great Canadian Thanksgiving today. Patricia made everything from scratch. The potatoes. The pumpkin pie. The cranberry sauce.

She went out last week and hunted down and killed a turkey. She removed the feathers from before eviscerating it. She has seen the climactic scenes in "Braveheart" several times and therefore has a good hand on how to go about doing this

She finished preparing the turkey from scratch for dinner tonight. Best turkey ever in the history of turkeys

Cloris Leachman is just getting ready to start dancing. Gotta go

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adSimba said...

What's the difference between Canadian Thanksgiving and American Thanksgiving?

Oh and happy Thanksgiving!

kevin.tillman said...

Same reason: harvest festival. But no Canadian link to plilgrams/plymouth plantation from a historical perspective.

The turkey thing is more of a related American
tradition. But media is influencing the Canadian tradition, more and more of us are gobbling up turkey for thanksgiving in October.

more info at

Reg Schofield said...

There is no question that the US Thanksgiving is tied more to their history than ours . But who cares , we get to eat Turkey and lots of pies ...Yummy!! Happy Thanksgiving to all.

adSimba said...

I kinda thought it seemed too similer to be a coincidence, well enjoy the turkey, and hopefully the day off

Bevboy said...

Thanks for replying in my stead, Kevin and Reg. I do not have the ability to reply to my posts from my BlackBerry.

Any more questions, adsimba? Make sure you tell your friends about the blog. I want as many readers as possible!


adSimba said...

dont worry, I have, while I was reading them en-mass I would pepper my conversations with quotes from the most amusing entrys, trying to win you supporters.

Vote for Bevboy!!

Bevboy said...

Out of curiosity, and my ego needing to be stroked, what have been your favourite posts, adsimba, that led you to quote passages from them to your friends?


adSimba said...

well, I'm willing to stoke your ego but not stroke it, anyway... probably not one you would think of, (and I should preface that though I had suspissions, I didnt know for sure your full name was Beverly) but the first post I mentioned to anyone was #432 in which you introduced us, with a photo to your "new best friend," tell us what he did for you and promptly berate him for his unmasculine name, the irony was compounded (as I'm sure it was to be) when I learned for certain what your name was...

I could tell you how I found your blog but it's not soo flattering