Saturday, October 18, 2008

475th Post - Odds and Sods

I made a mistake yesterday on this Blog. I could just correct the mistake and not mention it but I will instead state that I mentioned that adsimba was from Southern California when in fact it is Northern California. I do apologize.

Adsimba, please continue to tell everyone you know down there about this Blog. Tell folks at your work. Tell them at the grocery store. Tell them at your church or synagogue. Just tell them. Thanks!

And I want to congratulate Dawn Sloane on winning her seat again tonight in the municipal elections here in Halifax. Thank goodness for Facebook where I saw her update about 45 minutes ago. Go back and read my interview with her if you haven't already. It is post 375

Have a great evening!

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adSimba said...

ohh, cant tell them at work, then they will know I'm not working

Bevboy said...

Well, tell them you check it out during breaks or something. I'll go along with you.