Monday, October 20, 2008

478th Post - Facebook Updates

If you're on facebook, you'll know that you can update your status every time you do something significant or interesting. I never do anything significant or interesting. Never. Nope.

As proof, I thought you might like to see some of my recent status updates.


Bev is secure in his masculinity, which is why he is about to go upstairs and have a good cry and do his nails and watch Dancing with the Stars! 8:23pm - Comment

Bev is dismayed by your insouciance. 8:22pm - Comment

Bev is going to be waiting in the car while Patricia buys groceries tonight. Meat. Taste good. Urrgghhh! 4:24pm - Comment

Bev is so cute it frightens him. 2:23pm - Comment

Bev is back home and returning to work in the morning. 7:20pm - Comment

Bev is having dinner in Truro. 5:01pm - Comment

Bev is happy for Dawn Sloane! 9:10pm - Comment

Bev is crossing his fingers for dawn Sloane. 7:31pm - Comment

Bev is watching the cooler. 7:17pm - Comment

Bev is watching family guy. 5:06pm - Comment

Bev is on his 3rd cup of coffee. 10:06am - Comment

Bev is thinking about getting up. 8:13am - Comment

Oct 17

Bev is watching TV. 6:57pm - Comment

Bev is back from the library. 4:17pm - Comment

Bev is at the same library Patricia is at!! 2:48pm - Comment

Bev is far too lazy to live. 1:10pm - Comment

Bev is on the last day of his vacation. 11:21am - Comment

Bev is finally up. 9:25am - Comment

Oct 16

Bev is recovering from crappy Chinese food. 6:19pm - Comment

Bev is back at the cottage. 11:54am - Comment

Bev is back on the road! 9:25am - Comment

Bev is trying to get up after a late night. Returning to the cottage this morning. 7:52am - Comment

Bev is wondering why there are 42 cards in a given box of Christmas cards. He doesn't even know 42 people. He has never even met that many people in his entire life!

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