Tuesday, October 21, 2008

479th Post - Tuesday Night! I Wanna Rock!

Remember those halcyon, carefree days of your youth, when the most important thing you had to worry about was who would be our prom date, or if you'd get enough shifts at Burger King that week to take your best girl to the movie?

Neither do I.

I am thinking about this kind of stuff because an old friend from high school found me on facebook last night. I was watching Dancing with the Stars when my BlackBerry buzzed to let me know of an update to my Facebook. It was Heidi, who was trolling the friends of friends of hers and saw my name. She remembered me fondly, for some damn reason, and contacted me.

She called me "Karl Heinz" last night in an e-mail. That was the name I was given in German class, where we all had to assume a German name. Wolfgang was already taken, by Reg, the "RWS" who sometimes posts comments to this blog. I had that assumed name for 3 years, and apparently, Heidi remembers me more for that name than my actual one. I guess over all it is not a bad way to be remembered.

We have been writing each other a bit over the last 22 hours. She still lives in the same community she grew up in. I love that community myself. I still sometimes wish I had never left my home town and moved to the "big" city of Dartmouth, then Halifax, some 20 years ago.

So, if you're reading this, Heidi, hello! I hope you like the blog. Share it with everyone who remembers me.

Karl Heinz, er, Bevboy

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