Saturday, October 25, 2008

484th Post - Farewell to the Cottage!

Well, goodbye for another year that is!

The plumber arrived about 5 minutes after he said he would be there. He did his thing for about 2 hours and left, but not before Patricia wrote him a cheque for a nice, round number. We cleaned out the fridge, threw out a few things we could not recognize, and left around 1pm. Arrived home around 3:45.

Not sure what happened, but I lost internet connectivity on the BlackBerry overnight. It remained messed up until I got back to Halifax, at which time I removed the battery and put it back in. The complete reboot worked, and I got connectivity again. I missed my little friend.

Tonight, I have to buy some groceries. Down to my last thing of mustard and 3 crusts of bread. Few drops of soy milk.

Everyone shops on Sundays now, since we got Sunday shopping in Nova Scotia a couple of years ago. Something had to give for people, and that seems to be Saturday night shopping, so it's a great night to buy my weekly victuals. Nobody's in the store.

When do you guys buy groceries? And where?


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