Wednesday, October 29, 2008

489th Post - Was It Something I Said Or Did?

Patricia is out sick today. The guy we car pool with got sick and I ended up driving him to where he parks his car so that he could drive home. I felt sick last night. Feel fine today.

Dawn Sloane, on her facebook site, says she has a secret she is keeping to herself until it goes public next week. I asked her if she has a man, and she said no. We'll have to wait until next week. I am guessing it may have something to do with a concert coming to Halifax, but who knows which one? Darn these public officials!

Just spoke with Patricia, who informs me that there is a rumour that Elton John will return to Halifax soon, this time with Billy Joel. Hmm. Let's see what the announcement is next week.

I have my Toastmasters meeting tonight, and then a 2 hour ghost walk afterward. I'll not be home much before 10pm. Feed the cat, pull out some more comic books to give out to the little darlings on Friday night, and go to bed.

I'll try to get through a chapter of "Point of Impact" before I go to my meeting in 40 minutes.

Gee, wonder what type of books adsimba likes to read?




adSimba said...

sorry, my new boss is a jerk, I dont have much access to you anymore, but my favorite reads lately have been:

Terry Pratchet, (especially the most recent in his series)
jasper fforde (nursery chrimes)
and classic novels
I thought pride and preddjudice was one of the best boring books I have read

Bevboy said...

adSimba, it's too bad you don't get a chance to read the blog as much any more. The post about the person who left the note on my computer monitor has generated a lot of buzz around my office.

It's the post for November 20th, by the way.

Keep reading as you get a chance.


Mr. Onederful said...

hey bevboy, wow, you've written so many posts now, I'm sorry i havent been keeping up, I really did enjoy your blog, I've had a lot of stuff going on, my wife just started a blog of our own, I didn't want to steal any readers from you but couldnt find any way to get your e-mail so I snuck this message deep in your older stuff, I hope all is well with you

adsimba, (Ben)

Bevboy said...

Thanks for writing, Ben. I saw your post last evening and I posted to your wife's blog just now.

I hope and trust you are feeling better soon.

All the best.

Keep reading the blog as time, desire and energy permit.