Wednesday, October 22, 2008

481st Post - Beware!

CBC Radio has been running a series this week about parking tickets. They announced this morning that these are the 2 most notorious parking meters in Halifax. They are the meters on Blowers Street that are closest to Barrington Street in the block. Not the block below Barrington; the block above. That is the Catholic bookstore behind the meters. You Halifax downtowners will know whereof I speak.

The red caps on the meters indicate that they are only good for 30 minutes max. For whatever reason, they yield something like 5 times what a typical meter does.

There are few enough reasons to shop downtown as it is. Nearly all of the things I need, I can get out here. I work downtown and eat there and go to some concerts there, but if I could do those things elsewhere -- where I don't have to pay for parking, where I do not have to endure the snotty so-and-so's that give out tickets, where I do not get the impression that they don't care if I shop downtown or not -- I would. In a heartbeat.

The fact that these parking meters exist and are so efficient just speaks to the fact that I'd rather shop some place where parking is free, and my patronage is appreciated.

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