Monday, November 3, 2008

495th Post - Ketchup Time!

I haven't written a long post for a few days. Thought I'd catch you up on some recent developments.

I had a request played on Kool FM this past Friday. I was on the air for a moment and everything. For each person whose song is played on these all request shows, they will put your name in a hat. If they draw your name at the end of the morning show, you win a $75 gift certificate for a home building supply place in Enfield, about a 40 minute drive from here. I won! Pretty sweet!

On Saturday morning, I learned that my name had also been drawn for a November 15th party celebrating Stan Carew's 40th anniversary in radio. I was delighted to have this happen. I am sure that there are going to be a lot of disappointed Stan fans who won't be able to get in. I promise not to brag to those people. Or, at least, I promise to TRY not to brag to those people.

Dawn Sloane has been teasing us with her facebook updates. She has a big secret, one which she would not reveal until later on this week. I am beginning to get an idea of what this secret it. If it is what I think it is, then it is not exactly earth shattering.

I have accepted an invitation from her to attend the Coast's 14th annual Best of Halifax awards, to be held Thursday evening. I have never been, so it should be an interesting evening.

Getting my car fixed on Friday. I drive an '02 Malibu. The '08 is the car of the year. Let's just say that they were still working out the bugs with my model. Stuff breaks down on it that has no business breaking down. The instrument cluster. The BCM (basic control module). The first 3 levels in the heater/air conditioner. (The ash tray, at least, continues to function as one might expect it to, but that is probably because I don't smoke.) Now, my favourite: My signal lights work only sporadically. There is no burned bulb. The fuses are fine. This is a common problem with the Malibu, where a certain part that is linked to the hazard lights wears out over time. Is there any surprise that GM has suffered a 45% loss in sales in the past little while? How many people are fed up with poor quality vehicles from the major companies? How many more of us have to flock to Japanese vehicles before the Big 3 do something?

Conducting my next interview for the blog this coming Friday at lunch time. I hope it goes up next week or the week after.

Visited my folks this weekend, and took my mother shopping on Saturday. We left at 9:30, and didn't return until nearly 3pm! She needs a cane to get around nowadays, but she can still shop anyone under the table. I needed a nap when I got back to my old bedroom.

On Sunday, I cooked a roast beef dinner for them. It was complete with garlic mashed potatoes. I used to make that dish all the time for myself; it was my specialty. I may make one for my work's Christmas party this year. I am not sure yet.

I left my parents' place a little earlier than normal on Sunday, in order to do some field research for post #500. You will know what I mean when you see it, later on this week.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I want to begin writing the first draft of that special post. It will be a very special one, I promise. I will discuss something here I have never really written or talked about before, to anyone, ever.

Dancing with the Stars is on in 45 minutes. With my beloved Cloris Leachman no longer on the show, I am not sure whom to root for. I guess it depends on who wears the least amount of fabric from now on. It seems only fair.


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