Wednesday, November 5, 2008

497th Post - Cats!

I feel I must discuss cats again on this blog. I was thinking of spending a bit of time reading about the Rescue Cat Awards, when I received some disturbing news.

I am friends with a few radio people on facebook. One of them just updated her status, wondering why someone would put a box full of cats under a car. I am trying to source the story, and when I do, I'll put up a link here.

Last week, the same evening I picked up a new-to-me computer monitor I stopped off at the local drugstore (I live in a small community!) and noticed a message on a bulletin board asking if anyone wanted a free cat. A woman had captured some in her back yard and was worried they might perish if not dealt with soon. I called the number on the paper and left a message.

She called me back last evening. She told me about the cats, who sounded adorable, and while I resolved not to take any of the cats, I did promise to purchase a bag of cat food to help her and her husband defray the costs of keeping the cats. Turns out they are neighbours of mine from down the road.

This woman's theory is that people moved recently and decided to leave their cats behind. They were left to fend for themselves in increasingly-cold weather. Thank goodness she and her hubby have been able to capture the kittens. They are trying to get the mother and father now.

I guess the point I am trying to make is that there is no need for people to be abusive to cats. There are always others like this woman, her husband, and fools like me, who are willing to do whatever we can to make sure that cats are treated well and do not suffer.

A pox on the jerks who moved away and left their cats behind. And I hope I never find the so-and-so's who put the cats in a box and put them under a car.

Here is a short video describing the ultimate rescue cat. If you can watch it without getting choked up, I do not want to know you.

Toastmasters tonight. Like I feel like going now.


P.S. Caroline just sent me the following:

Sad story today .. someone put a box with two cats in it .. under a car at the SPCA in dartmouth. The owner of the car was an SPCA employee .. she left work last night and ran over the box. One kitten was killed, the other was pregnant and suffered severe facial injuries and needed emergency surgery. Don't know if it will survive!

Sad .. hope they catch who ever is responsible


urquharj said...

In 0:44 of that video, does that woman have her hands down her pants?!?

Bevboy said...

Not sure what to say, Jane. I didn't notice.