Friday, November 7, 2008

501st Post - A Very Long Day!

Hey, everyone.

I have been on the go since 5:30 this morning; it is now just shy of 9:30pm.

Had to get my car fixed today, and the more fool me, I decided to take it to the stealership for 7 today, meaning I had to leave the house not much later than 6. So, I did.

I mentioned a few days ago that my signal lights were not working properly. I figured it would be hundreds of dollars to fix this problem. Turns out that GM has decided to cover the cost of this repair. I was only on the hook for the oil change I had also authorized. Sweet.

I was at the stealership until just before 10am. I drove from there to renew my vehicle permit, which took about 20 minutes of waiting at the dmv. From there, I drove back to pick up Patricia at her place, before returning back downtown to pick up some stuff I won at the radio station. Rod Doiron thinks my hair is too long. Fine. I'll get it cut, Mr. Shorthairguy. From there, we drove around the corner to a nearby pub, which took much longer than it should have, due to construction taking place in that part of the city.

We made our way to the pub because we were about to conduct the next interview for this blog! I hope it turned out ok. My digital voice recorder can't work miracles. There was a lot of ambient noise there during lunch. We had no idea it was such a popular spot!

I'll transcribe the interview and you should see it here sometime next week.

From there, we drove over to Dartmouth for an appointment at 2pm. I asked the office receptionist to tell me the best way to get to Dartmouth Crossing. She wrote out some directions and also printed off directions courtesy of google maps! That was very kind of her. I should have told her not to bother, though.

After the appointment, we used these directions to find our way there. I must tell you, if I haven't already (this is post 501 and I can't remember everything I have written, folks!) that directions and I don't always see eye-to-eye. In fact, there is no set of written instructions that I cannot misinterpret to my disadvantage. If you tell me to turn right, I'll turn left. Not out of spite, or a fit of pique. It is just that I cannot always tell the difference between left and right. In fact, when we are driving, I get Patricia to say, "correct", if I am, well, correct about something. Like that happens a lot. If she says, "right", in the context of being correct, I'll just take the next right on the road, thinking that she is telling me to take that next turn. It is very confusing, and frustrating. Maybe we should take the bus everywhere. But I don't want to, because my signal lights are working again. You see my conundrum.

Anyway, the woman had written something like "get on to the 118 and keep to the right". I saw an exit ahead of us and asked Patricia if I should take it. She said something like, "right" (thereby contravening my request above), and I took the exit, when she was just quoting what was on the piece of paper. That little stunt of mine cost us 15 minutes. Hey, I now know where the Hooters restaurant in Dartmouth is, because we ended up out there! I hear that the wings are plump and juicy.

We retraced our steps and arrived at Dartmouth Crossing. I know it is a huge, sprawling place, but we concentrated on a few stores as we were losing our light and the weather wasn't very good. We want to return soon, only during the day.

After we left Dartmouth Crossing, we got lost in the Burnside Industrial Park. Shut up. Just shut up.

We eventually find our way out of the Burnside Industrial Park, and drove into Bedford. We went to Pete's Frootique because Patricia wanted a break from my driving. So did I. After spending too much money at that pricey place, we finally made our way home, and here I am.

So, a very long, frustrating day. I have earned a few hour of sleep, haven't I?

Newbie has missed me terribly. I can tell. He actually momentarily made eye contact with me. If that isn't a cat's idea of love, I don't know what is.


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