Sunday, November 9, 2008

504th Post - Sunday, Sunday

Slept in this morning, and did some laundry. Didn't have a chance to wash my dishes though. They are starting to plan their escape, so I'll be sure to take care of them Monday evening.

This is a short week for me, but not as short as Patricia's. She is taking Monday off as a vacation day, while I work. We are both off on Tuesday for Remembrance Day. I plan to take the bus on Monday.

Today we went to Tantallon to buy some groceries and get some stuff for supper. Turned out to be roast beef. After dinner we watched "Octopussy", that classic James Bond movie from the early 1980's. There was a time when such films captivated me. I'd find Roger Moore's interpretation of the Bond character to be engaging and witty. Today, I find those films, except for "For Your Eyes Only", to be boring, trite, silly.

Back to work tomorrow. I ran the roads for three days. A nice relaxing day at work is what the doctor ordered.


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