Saturday, November 15, 2008

530th Post - One More Stan Carew Picture (OK, Two!)

Just got home and scanned in the card/ticket (both sides) of the Stan Carew 40th Anniversary Show from this morning.

First of all, it was a helluva great show. It exceeded all of my expectations, and they were high expectations. I was up at 3:30 this morning. I may get up in the middle of the night and have a pee at that hour, but I am not up actually doing anything else at that time, let alone preparing for my day.

We arrived at the CBC building around 5:40 and were let in a few minutes later. There were already people ahead of us, so we had to content ourselves with being in the second row.

A few minutes after we got there, I decided to live blog the event. It was important enough to me, and to Stan's listeners if they find this blog, for me to cover it in my own special way.

I like my BlackBerry quite a bit, but I wish it had a better digital camera with some kind of decent optical zoom. Asking a lot as it was never meant to be a really good camera, or a really good browser, or a really good e-mail client, or a really good anything, I guess. It does what it does, and does it well, but not so well that one wouldn't wish for it to be better at most everything.

At any rate, I was able to take a picture and send it to this blog right away, so the pics you saw this morning might have been just 2 or 3 minutes old prior to being published.

It was a thrill to guess one of the mystery vocalists this morning. I was told I'd win a little somethin' somethin', but had to fight to get a ball cap after the show was over. No biggie. And I wish the pic of Stan and me were better. The one that's up there in the earlier post is awfully fuzzy. Nobody's fault.

After the show was over, we got some breakfast. We were tired, but forced ourselves to walk around the Spring Garden Road area until around noon. Went to Bayer's Lake Business Park for the afternoon, where Patricia got me a Christmas present (my official position is that I do not know what the gift is). We were looking around for a good digital camera, and were bewildered and nearly overwhelmed by the choice, and didn't get anything. I nearly bought a computer from a store that is getting out of selling desktop computers, but decided in the end I didn't want to spend the money. People like me are causing this global economic crisis!

It took us 40 minutes or so to leave Bayer's Lake. Traffic was out of this world.

We had Chinese food at a place in Lakeside. I'll scan in the front page of their menu shortly.

What a long day! But, by Crom, it was an excellent one!

Stan: All the best. May you have 40 more years in broadcasting.


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