Sunday, November 16, 2008

532nd Post - Hold On A Minute

In all the excitement yesterday regarding Stan Carew, and all the crazy live bloggin' I did, I neglected to mention that I KNOW that post #510 hasn't gone up yet. It exists in draft form, but will not be published until the subject of that post tells me it's ok to put it up. I am hoping that will happen tomorrow, Monday.

Had a fun night at a local auction. I won auction item #92. The auctioneer is a radio guy and we shared a laugh over it. He has tentatively agreed to an interview with me, which you may see as soon as next month. I also have a second interview in the works.

Back to work tomorrow. Had a great weekend. Hope you did, too.

Where is my buddy in Northern California, anyway? Haven't seen him here for a while.


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