Friday, November 28, 2008

546th Post - Happy Birthday to Q104!

Q104, the local classic rock station (well, the better known of the two!) turns 25 this weekend. I fully and fondly recall when it went on the air in 1983. I was attending Acadia University, my sophomore year. I knew the station was coming, but not exactly when. Alluvasudden, I saw some guys wearing Q104 t-shirts. "The Rock of the Atlantic".

My car back then only had an AM radio, so I could only listen to it at home on my home stereo, with the aid of both an FM dipole antenna and a friendly weatherman who could conjure up the kind of weather conducive to permitting me to receive this far away station. I eventually invested in a powered FM booster, which I still have, and use, when I visit my folks. It still enables me to pick up Q104 down there.

Anyway, the Q was like nothing else on the dial, not by a country mile. 25 years ago, hard rock was essentially not played on the radio, and we fans of that genre were ill-served by the radio stations of the day. I can appreciate much of that music now, but back then, top 40 music was something I was not interested in.

I listened to Q104 every bloody chance I got. I loved it. I couldn't get enough of it. It was quite a different station back then than it is today. They played a lot of more obscure music. Their play list was much more expansive. I recall they didn't play the same tiresome songs over and over. The music was fresh, exciting, and if I could have found a way to weld an FM tuner to my head, I would have. I was single back then, very single, frighteningly single, and this thing stuck to my head would not have helped my situation, and not hurt it much either.

Over the years, and J.C. Douglas knows this, my interest has waned. I still like that kind of music, but not the same songs played ad nauseum.

But this doesn't stop me from wishing Q104, all of its jocks past and present, a most happy birthday.

On Saturday and Sunday, they are inviting back their old jocks to talk about the good times. Here is the schedule. I will listen to every damn bit of it that I can. You know I will. You know me better than that.

All the best from your humble blogger!


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