Friday, November 28, 2008

545th Post - May You Live In Interesting Times!

Had a very long day. Let me tell you a bit about it.

We had to go to Dartmouth for a meeting this morning for 9 o'clock. After that, Patricia had to go to a funeral, also in Dartmouth, for 11. She dropped me off at Mic Mac Mall, the largest mall east of Montreal, for a couple of hours.

I used to go there a lot, back when I lived in Dartmouth. Now, though, I seldom go, and I don't miss it one bit. There are more women's clothing stores there than you can shake a stiletto at. That's great if you're a woman, or one of those guys, but for a regular dude like me, it means walking past a lot of stores without going in.

After about an hour, I trekked across the parking lot to the only bookstore in the area (there used to be three in the mall, but they're all gone now). The Chapters at Mic Mac Mall is smaller and has fewer categories of books than the one in Bayers Lake, the one closest to my home. I killed less time than there I would have liked to.

I walked back to the entrance to the mall where I had left Patricia, so she could go to the funeral, to wait for her to pick me up. Around 12:20, I saw my car, with her in it. We returned to my house, where we had a late lunch and rested a bit before Patricia and I took my mother to her doctor's appointment in downtown Halifax.

The appointment was insane. It was for 3:50. By 5:15, we were still waiting to get in. We were finally served around 5:20, but didn't see the actual doctor until 6pm. We left around 6:20. We had dinner at a nearby restaurant and returned to my home around 8:30, approximately an hour ago.

My father was busy today. Last night we began to create a new shelf for my computer desk. There was quite a bit of empty space between the top shelf and the middle one, and this new shelf is perfect to hold things like cd's or other things of a computer nature that I can reach in a hurry. I got the desk for free this summer from a neighbour. In looking on kijiji, or on the Staples website, I can only find a computer desk that costs $300 or so that looks better than the one I have now. I did see one on kijiji the other day that looked really nice and was only $100, but it would be so huge it would dominate this room. This one, especially with the addition of the shelf, is the perfect one for me, my needs, and my space considerations.

It was a busy day today, and it will be followed by a busy one tomorrow, too.

More in a moment.


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