Friday, November 28, 2008

547th Post - Radio Ratings

The local paper used to publish an article twice a year discussing radio ratings when the Bureau of Broadcast Measurement released that information. It stopped doing that some time ago. Pity, that.

The information was released on the 27th. Here is the link to the BBM website listing the information.

Kool FM, whose program director I interviewed for this blog a few weeks ago, had a very good book. They are number one in listeners 35+. Z103.5 took a hit from that new station, the one that replaced CJCH, and whose name will not be written here. C100 did very well. The Q's ratings were up a bit. Hal FM is in a free fall, ratings wise. How much longer can they justify this classic rock format, when Q104 is so much better known and is clearly winning the battle time after time with Hal? FX 101.9 took a hit. They will probably do better once KIXX leaves the airwaves in '09, as they will be the only country station in this market.

It is a fact that radio stations that take a hit in the ratings respond in some meaningful way. They change format. They announce a nifty contest. They fire their morning show crew. Whatever. You will see changes in the coming months with some of the stations that didn't fare well in this book.

I predict that Hal FM will not exist in 2009. God knows what they'll do with that license. A polka format might draw fewer listeners, but most anything else would only be an improvement.

Any more radio folks reading this? Wanna bet how some stations will respond?


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