Saturday, November 29, 2008

549th Post - Rats!!

Boy, do I feel silly/stupid.

I couldn't attend the Q104 25th anniversary concert last night because I had my parents with me and I couldn't just leave them alone for the night. I sure did want to go, though.

At least I could content myself with the fact that I was gonna be taping the full 6+ hours of the radio reunion this morning and this afternoon, while I returned my parents to their home. I would listen to as much of it as I could; but I would always have the dvd of this for posterity's sake.

Not so much.

While my radio has a line out jack, and I used a special cable running to the back of a vcr and used that vcr to record the signal coming from the radio, the radio turned itself off about 45 minutes into the proceedings. Bob Powers is just announcing how the station went on the air, and then, poof! The vcr kept recording, but it recorded, well, nothing at all as the radio signal ceased.

Yeah, I feel stupid.

Any radio folks reading this? Can anyone help me and get me a copy of today's six hours and 40 minutes of the guys talking about the good old day on the Q? I missed probably 50% of it today.

Yeah, I feel stupid.

Yeah, I feel stupid.

Can you help me out?



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