Sunday, November 30, 2008

550th Post - An Amazing 25th Anniversary

I will go to my grave, many years hence, regretting missing the Q104 25th Anniversary Piss Up at the Cunard Centre Friday night, November 28th, 2008. Personal circumstances would not permit me to go, and circumstances suck sometimes.

I heard as much of the 25th anniversary radio reunion this weekend as I possibly could. I have captured the entire Sunday 8 hours and 40 minutes on tape, and soon it will be on dvd, to share with... nobody, I guess. Good point. Thanks for asking. Now I really feel like crap. Appreciate that.

At any rate, I heard perhaps 50% of the Saturday broadcast, which ran from 10am until about 4:45pm; I heard the vast majority of the Sunday broadcast. It is possible they will rebroadcast some of it, maybe even all of it, on New Year's Day. But perhaps J.C. Douglas will take pity on me and furnish me with a copy of yesterday's show.

Anyway, what I heard, yesterday and today, I loved. The behind-the-scenes stuff, the stories, the anecdotes, were often priceless. It was as if a bunch of them were sitting around a bar, talking shop, swapping stories, and someone stuck microphones in front of them, allowing we mere mortals to listen in.

This weekend was so magical, so special, to long-time listeners of this magical station, that I hope they do something like this more often. Say, every five years, have a big piss up. I'll go to the next party. I promise.

The best part, the most interesting, compelling part, of the last two days, was the very end, when they had a special Q104 tribute song, listing nearly person who has worked at the station over the years. It was to the tune of Billy Joel's, "We Didn't Start the Fire", and it was brilliant stuff. I will be playing it many times.

J.C., if you're reading this, can you help a brother out?



theajthomas said...

Man!!! Your passion for radio is intense. Can't say I totally understand it. For me radio has always been the thing you listen to when you forgot your ipod. That said so few people are truly passionate about anything these days that I say good on ya!

Bevboy said...

A.J., buddy! How did you know about this blog, anyway?

I'll see you on Wednesday night at TM.

I have loved radio for most of my life. I agree there is a sameness to the playlists that is hard to overlook. In fact, I don't overlook it.

I am passionate about Toastmasters, too. The interest ebbs and flows, waxes and wains, but is is there much more than it isn't. I am looking forward to returning to the club this week.

Keep checking out the blog, and keep commenting, my friend!


theajthomas said...

You have mentioned it's existence at TM a a couple times, usually right after you take a picture and say it will be up there. So I figured I'd check it out and I'm enjoying it.

Bevboy said...

Well, I hope you continue to get something out of the blog. I write about a lot of things, not just radio. I write about whatever is on my mind, actually.

Have you, gulp, read post #500 yet?


theajthomas said...

For sure, I've been following along since somewhere in the late 400's and I have enjoyed the variety of jubject matter. I guess I'm one of those "long time listener, first time caller" types.