Monday, December 1, 2008

552nd Post - Cutting Edge Technology (Not!)

Man, this computer is old. It is a 2002 Dell desktop. It has 125 megs of ram, which is almost like having no ram at all. It runs at a thrilling 429 megahertz. The hard drive is an expansive six gigs. It has a 3.5" floppy drive. The usb ports, both of them, are the slower first generation ones, and are in the back of the computer. I had to buy a usb hub last year to make usb ports accessible to me.

From time to time, the computer slows down to a crawl, as it swaps things out of memory to a disk cache and back again. Things like youtube cause the pc to crash more than the stock market. I know better than to ask it to show any video.

The keyboard was wearing out, meaning that some keys barely worked any more. I got another keyboard through freecycle in the last month or so, and another mouse as well (not to mention a monitor!), and they're at least making using this aging pc less than completely frustrating.

Your average dog has a better computer set up than I have. Definitely your average cat, because no self-respecting cat would ever put up with this arrangement!

Just in case you're thinking I have the best of everything: That would be at work. Not necessarily here at home.

I'll publish the post, and have the hard drive grind for a minute or two. I never get tired of hearing it.


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