Sunday, December 7, 2008

563rd Post - Anne Rice on the Radio

I meant to write this a day or two ago, but Anne Rice (Interview with the Vampire, and so many others) is going to be on CBC radio today at 1pm ET to discuss her career and her more recent focus away from vampires and toward Christianity in her novels.

I acquired 14 or so Anne Rice novels this winter through freecycle. They are in the vast pile of books to be read, "some day". I probably have 3 copies of "The Witching Hour" by now, just from having acquired it from different sources over the years. Guess I have to read it 3 times.

I will tape the show today, or you can check it out from the show's website, and download it as a podcast if you want to. Be aware that the show only lives on the website for 4 weeks and is then expunged. For copyright purposes, theme music may not make it to the podcast. Too bad, because it is excellent theme music!


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