Monday, December 8, 2008

565th Post - The Accident

We were in a car accident this morning on the way to work. Let me tell you about it.

We left for work a few minutes earlier than normal because it had snowed last night, and the roads were a little dicey. We drove with extra caution.

We were heading East on Jubilee Road at about 7:25. We had the green light and went through and were about 3/4 of the way through the intersection at Robie, almost to Veteran's Lane, when we got side swiped by a truck heading North on Robie Street that had run the red light. The car was hit so hard that we ended up spinning around, pointing in the direction we had just come from.

I couldn't get the door open. I think it was because the car was still in gear, but I am not sure. I had the presence of mind to press the red On*Star emergency button and spoke with someone who called paramedics for us. He mostly spoke with Patricia though, because I had managed to roll the window down and someone unlocked the door and helped me out. A doctor who happened to be driving behind us was helping out Patricia, who got banged up pretty bad. A woman rubbed my back to calm me down while the driver of the truck manned up and admitted that he had been in the wrong.

My legs began to get weak. Noticing this, a police officer helped me over to the police van where I could rest. I wanted to be with Patricia, who looked to be in some distress, but the officer talked me into sitting in the van.

Time gets blurry around this time. I remember a witness being interviewed by a police officer in the van. The man supported our story. I found out later that there were four witnesses, and they all backed us up. I remember getting out of the van to see how Patricia was doing, before a police officer insisted I go back to the van to rest.

The paramedic came over and checked me out and invited me to ride with Patricia in the ambulance. She was in a neckbrace and some pain. We were a very short distance from the hospital, thankfully.

We spent the next couple of hours at the hospital, getting checked out. My neck is sore. My lower back doesn't feel right. My right knee is causing me some pain. My left hand hurts.

My poor car, the one I bought a scant 3 days ago, took a major hit. We don't know how bad it is. We will find out tomorrow, when we pick up the rest of our stuff from the towing place and see it in the stark light of day. The insurance adjuster will also have an official look at the car, perhaps as soon as tomorrow. This person will determine what it will cost to fix the car. If it is too costly, it will be written off. If not too costly, it will be repaired.

I have heard horror stories about cars that have been repaired that were never quite the same again afterward. This was a sweet ride until about 7:25 this morning. I don't know what can be done to bring it back to what it was before. Maybe nothing can. I just don't know. Right now, my focus is on Patricia and me getting better.

I am grateful that we are still able to walk around, that we still have the appropriate number of arms and legs, and can still count to twenty on our fingers and toes without having to use any more than once. My incredible good looks have not been compromised in any way, and I am thankful for that. So is Patricia.

It could have been so much worse. Let's be grateful for that, and hope that Buddy's insurance company is reasonable with me and mine.

I didn't make it to work today. I think I will probably not make it in tomorrow, either.

Probably the only post for tonight. Going to bed as soon as I can get there.

Give me a kiss.



Reg Schofield said...

Really glad you both are alright but take your time getting back into the swing of things because you both could be stiffer and sorer in the next couple of days. Here is a big manly hug for both of you. Take care .

Bevboy said...

That manly hug?

I felt something move!!


Not that there is something wrong with that.



Bevboy said...

I mean, "anything wrong with that".

I am forgetting my Seinfeld!


George said...

Will be thinking of you, Bev. Take your time recovering. The fact that you were checked over medically means that you can make future claims for any long-term physical problems. Keep us informed as to how you both are doing.

adSimba said...

you will both be in my thoughts, did this ironicaly happen in the car you just got?

theajthomas said...

Man, you will do anything to get out of comming to Toastmasters. And I'm doing my first speach this week to. *snif*

Glad you guys are ok.

Bevboy said...

adSimba: Thanks for the kind words. Yes, it was the same car I bought on Friday. The sweet ride is not so sweet now. I will find out later on today when we pick up the rest of our things from the car, just how bad it looks.

George: Yes. I will keep that stuff in mind about the doctor. Thanks, too, for the kind words.

A.J.: I will likely not go to this week's meeting. I know I have missed the last several meetings and want to go to this one, if only to hear your ice breaker speech. It depends on how I am feeling. I know I only want to drive the rental car sparingly, only when I absolutely have to. The insurance company is paying for this rental, but even so, it is not my car and I don't want to drive it very much.

Time to take on the day!

Keep smiling!


Roger said...

Glad to hear that you and Patricia are ok. Don't worry about your car, if it cannot be repaired, it can be replaced. You and Patricia can't be replaced.