Tuesday, December 9, 2008

566th Post - The Day After

Hello, gentle reader.

I am still in some pain. I saw my physician this evening. He told me that I have whiplash and a contused knee, which is not to be confused with a confused knee. What is a confused knee, anyway?

But I digress.

I took another sick day today as I still wasn't feeling quite right. Around mid-morning, Patricia and I drove to the towing company impound where my car was taken yesterday, in order to pick up the rest of our things from the vehicle. I got everything back, I think, except for my paperback copy of "Point of Impact" by Stephen Hunter, a really good book I have been reading for months now and enjoy a lot. I can easily find another used copy downtown.

We also wanted to see the shape the car was in. My sweet ride is not nearly as sweet as it was. I will post images of the car here on the blog on Wednesday, and you can see for yourself.

Emailed the images to the car dealership where I bought the car on Friday, a mere 4 days ago. The sales manager, an old family friend, thinks the car may be fixable, but of course, he hasn't physically seen it yet. The insurance adjuster will probably examine the car by week's end and prepare a report for the claim investigator, who will then get back to me.

A separate claim has been opened up for the medical claim. We were knocked around by that truck hitting us and injuries resulted. Patricia visits her doc on Thursday and she will then learn what is wrong with her.

You know, looking at the car this morning, it reminds me just how close we came to much more serious injury. A split second earlier, and this man would have t-boned my car; and Patricia, being in the passenger's seat, would have borne the brunt of that hit. I think he was speeding, given the force his truck hit us with, and the fact that it hit us hard enough to cause the car to do a 180 degree turn.

It is foolish to indulge in such what-if scenarios, as tantalizing and seductive as they may be. What happened, happened. We cannot change it. However, we came close, damned close, to serious injury yesterday, perhaps something worse. Moments like this make me want to draw my friends closer to me, to forgive those who have wronged me in trifling ways, to look past the detritus in my life and focus instead on those things that make me happy.

I will try harder to do those things.


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