Thursday, December 11, 2008

569th Post - Christmas Tie Day 5

Today's Christmas tie photo shoot required 3 photos before we ended up with one we liked the most. That's the one up on my facebook page. As a special treat to Bevboy's Blog readers, I thought I'd put up the outtakes, the two pics that didn't make the cut.

The second picture is actually the first one taken. I am not sure why Jane didn't like it. Something about my face not being visible enough.

The third picture was the second one taken. Jane decided that a torso shot might be the best approach, and it is that one that became my Christmas ties facebook photo album entry for today.

I hope you like them. This is fun, posing for a picture every day. I feel like Rod Stewart! I guess he used to be photographed every day. Hope he doesn't do it now, the wrinkled, old fart.

Remember: You can click on each image and see me blown up in all my glory. You know you want to.

I'll write something else later.


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