Friday, December 12, 2008

571st Post - Christmas Tie Day Six (Outtakes!)

Remember that comic strip from years and years ago by, um, some guy named Boltinoff? His brother was Murray Boltinoff, a long-time editor at DC Comics. Murray edited mostly the war comics like G.I. Combat. But his brother is best known for the comic strip where two extremely similar images were put side-by-side, and the reader had to find the, say, 10 things that differed between the two. On a good day, a really good day, I might be able to pick out 3.

I am reminded of that comic strip as I type these words. Not really sure why. :-)
Click on each picture to see it blow up real good.

Once again, the "best" picture made it to my facebook. These are other good photos, and I present them to you as the director's cut if you will.

Oh, you can see "Wright's Building" in the window of 3 of the 4 images. That was named after George Wright, a famous-at-the-time merchant in Halifax who perished on the Titanic. It is said that he was an extremely sound sleeper and may not have heard any of the commotion as the ship sank. And, his ghost is said to haunt the top story of that building. Boo!

My thanks to Penny for letting me use her office for this photo shoot!

I will write something else this evening. Not sure just what, yet.


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