Saturday, December 13, 2008

572nd Post - Overdid It

I overdid it today. I left the house early this morning, around 8:30, and arrived back home around 6:30. In between there was quite a bit of shopping. Patricia bought the digital camera of her dreams. We had dinner out.

And... I'm too tired to discuss it here, now.

I have not had a good night's sleep since the accident the better part of a week ago. I keep flashing back to that moment when the car hit us. I took a nap at Patricia's place this morning, but am even more run down now.

I'll just scribble a little bit before I call it a night.

The $500 deductible on my car repairs has been officially waived. The automotive place has ordered the parts the car needs to be whole again, and they should arrive early next week. They hope the car will be ready for Christmas. I just want it to be in perfect condition when I get it. If that means waiting until New Year's, so be it.

Patricia has begun massage therapy; I begin it next week. The full cost will be covered by our work health insurance, and then by my automobile insurance.

We both meet with an independent insurance adjuster next week. We will tell our side of the story. I am not sure what will come after that. Perhaps some kind of settlement offer? I don't know. This is all new to me. We are finding out this stuff the hard way. Would have been better to have read about this process in the paper or seen some poor bastard discuss it on television. Now, I'm the poor bastard. Sigh.

I'm done like dinner. I'll write more on Sunday.


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