Sunday, December 14, 2008

574th Post - Ew! Gross!

For the last too many years, there has been a Nova Scotia singer/songwriter named John Gracie. I am sure that he is a nice man and loves his wife and children. That doesn't make him a good singer/songwriter, however. In fact, I am not a fan of his singin' and songwritin' at all.

One of my favourite Christmas tunes, even though it is doesn't mention Christmas at all, is "Baby, It's Cold Outside". It is no secret, upon listening to the lyrics, that it is a song about a man who's trying to seduce a woman. The song is along the lines of, "Hey, it's crappy outside. Why not stay here and have another drink? Hubba hubba hubba!" The woman is wavering, vacillating between her obligation to return home, yet she is strangely drawn to this man.

John Gracie is a man of limited musical gifts who has parlayed his meagre talents into a career that has sustained him and his family for years now. I cannot fault him for that. If he is doing what he wants to do, and enough people out there like his work and him, then bully for him.

However, geez, it creeps me out when he performs "Baby, It's Cold Outside" with... with... his daughter!

Who thought it would be a good idea for John Gracie to do this song with his daughter? Did John Gracie really believe that involving his own flesh and blood in this tune would benefit him or her in any meaningful way? Why would his daughter agree to perform this song with him? Why aren't the audience members turned off by the image of a father and daughter performing this song together?

The next time you hear that song on the radio or whatever, ask yourself how you would feel about a father and daughter performing that tune. Would it be along the lines of... "Ew! Gross!"?

Yeah, I think about things like this.



adSimba said...

I only realized this year what the song was about, and upon that I dont think I like the song anymore, at least not next in a lineup to "frosty the snowman" and "rudolph the red nosed raindeer"

other christmas songs I dont like include:

"Santa Baby" (especially the male singer one, I mean, what the heck?!?!)


"I saw mommy kissing santa clause"
(what a laugh it would have been, if daddy had only seen mommy cheating with an old man who was in our house last night)

perhaps I'm too cynical

Bevboy said...

There are a bunch of annoying songs, but John Gracie and his daughter doing "Baby, It's Cold Outside" is beyond the pale.

Haven't heard the male version of "Santa Baby". That sounds weird, too.

Are you liking my Christmas ties, adSimba?


adSimba said...

I do, thank you, although, to be honest, I usualy see much more of you than the tie,

not that you arent a good looking guy as far as guys go

but. . . I'd like to see a little more close up of the ties

(I'm somewhat of a tie conisure')

Bevboy said...

Maybe I will take a picture of the actual ties next week, all of them at once, and put them up here as a blog post.