Monday, December 15, 2008

576th Post - Bevboy Health Update

I am still having pain in my lower back from the accident last week. My shoulders are still sore.

I met with an independent insurance adjuster this morning. I told my side of the story again. He will now go off and attempt to quantify the injury and come up with up some kind of settlement. He wants to hear from me in a month or two to discuss a final settlement. Sound good to me.

I begin massage therapy on Tuesday morning. I just want to let you guys know that nothing will ... move... tomorrow morning. I am a professional. I will not... lose control of myself no matter how attractive those women are tomorrow. They are professionals, too, and I trust that nothing untoward will happen tomorrow morning.

I promise.

I will be selling some rare paperback books on ebay in a couple of weeks. I spent some time tonight scanning in the front and back covers. It was not until I was done the front and back when I realized that the front covers were all in a lower quality jpeg format, while the back covers were larger files. I increased the resolution in the software and re-scanned the front covers. Now, those files are much larger than the back cover images are. Gee, if I re-scanned the back covers, what will the logical result be?


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