Friday, December 19, 2008

585th Post - Early Morning Blogging

I slept like a log for several hours last night. It was the first restful sleep I had had since the accident on the 8th. It was probably the alcohol at lunch

I had every intention of getting up early this morning to do some shopping at one of the 24 hour Walmarts. I slept in until around 4:30 before I rose and headed out

Never mind what I bought. Members of my family read this Blog so it is a good idea not to spell certain things out from time to time

I sit here in my car freezing my ass off waiting for the local Zellers to open in another 25 minutes

Gas went up 2 cents a liter over night

Art Bell filled in on his old show over night. Used to listen to Coast-to-Coast AM religiously when it was on CJCH years ago. Bell quit and came back and quit and came back and quit and now fills in when George Noory (the regular host) is unavailable. I just happened to tune into 940 and 1080 AM this morning while driving to Bayers Lake.

Art was discussing the economy. He pronounced the situation as dire and frightening as any ghost story ever told on his show. I cannot speak to that other than to state that whatever transpires in the economy over the next couple of years it cannot get to be as bad as what happened in 1929. We have things like deposit insurance today. We have had the experience of living through a depression and have a good idea of what to do to avoid something like that from happening again.

I am pretty sore at the folks who allowed things like sub prime mortgages to happen and especially those who exploited the loopholes to screw things up as badly as they have. But another depression like the 1930s is virtually impossible

Only 15 minutes until zellers opens! Another reason to go on living.

More later

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