Saturday, December 20, 2008

586th Post - Feeling Better

In the last day and a half, since I last wrote, I have nearly finished my Christmas shopping. I have decided I will never shop at a certain electronics outlet again. And I am sleeping better at night.

On Friday, I went to several stores and outlets to track down the Christmas prezzies I planned to buy. The 24 hour Walmart early on Friday morning was very helpful. From there, I went to the local Zellers for 8 ayem. The time was when that store was the be all and end all of discounted department stores in Canada. Now, I seldom go into them, and when I do, I am disappointed by what I see. I am not sure how they stay in business.

From Zellers, I went to Future Shop, probably for the final time. I was looking for a particular item, and saw a wall full of them (probably about 20 or 30 of them!). I found a sales guy and asked him if the item had a certain feature. "No, it doesn't", he said, without even looking at it. "Well, can I open it up and have a look at it?", I asked. "No, you can't". "But, there are a bunch of them over there; why not have a demo model for people to look at?". "We don't do that here!". "Fine", I said, putting the item back, and stomping out of the store.

I have come not to expect any kind of expertise from the people at Future Shop. They are mostly young people who think they know everything, and don't enjoy discovering that they don't. I used to go in there and look at the eclectic dvd selection, which they really don't have any more. Since the sales staff are useless, even rude, and their wares do not interest me, I see little need to shop there any longer. So, I won't.

I did find the item I sought at the local Canadian Tire store. They couldn't do enough for me there. They practically offered to pay for the item!

I bought some litter for my cat, decided that the clearance sale desk top computers at Wacky Wheatley's could remain there, and returned home.

I went back to Bayers Lake in the afternoon for a while. There were a LOT more cars in the afternoon than there had been early in the morning.

I am feeling better now, and getting more sleep. This is in marked contrast to the first 10 days after the accident, when I could barely sleep at all.

Today, Saturday, I slept in and took a nap later on in the morning. Patricia had a massage therapy session this afternoon downtown, so I went with her to my work and killed some time there waiting for her. After her session, we had an early dinner at the Mongolie Grill, which has a new website. After dinner, we bought some groceries and went to another Walmart, where Patricia bought me some stuff that I'll have to wait till the 25th to see.

Tonight, I will probably turn in early and spend Sunday morning wrapping prezzies. We are anticipating a major snow storm in Nova Scotia Sunday night. I think it's the same one that nailed New England over the last couple of days, so this should be a good one.

I'll write more in the morning.


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