Sunday, December 21, 2008

587th Post - Nearly Done!

I feel much better today after having slept for many, many hours last night and this morning. When I eventually did get up, I spent a few hours wrapping Christmas presents. I just have to buy a couple more things for a couple of people and that will be it.

My car is gonna be in the shop until after Christmas. I suspect that I should be able to pick up the car just before January 1st. I have been told I have the car rental until December 30th, and later if necessary. It can't be soon enough, because I hate this car. Whenever a car manufacturer brags about the low cost of a vehicle, like they do about the Hyundai Accent, then do not even consider buying it.

Everything about this car looks and feels cheap. It has no power to speak of. Every time it manages to crest a steep incline, I feel I should throw it a party. It is surprisingly hard on gas; just bopping around the city here and there will chew through gas like a rottweiler chews through a porkchop. And the horn: It toots like a girl! I can't wait to get my car back!

We are supposed to get hit by a major snowstorm tonight. It probably means taking the bus to work tomorrow, which is not my idea of a good time, but beats driving in crappy weather.

Christmas is in just a few days!! Where has the year gone? Can't believe it has been nearly 2 years since I started my new job. The most fun, most challenging, job I have had, probably ever.

Have a good night.


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Glenda said...

Bev, your comments about the car were too funny ! Drive safe :)