Saturday, December 27, 2008

604th Post - An Interesting DVD Set

I still buy dvd's from time to time, but nothing like I used to. See my previous post for more details on my buying habits.

On Tuesday night, as I was leaving the local Walmart, my eyes landed on a dvd box set for less than 15 dollars that contained 4 classic movies that Patricia and I haven't seen. Each film contains special features like an audio commentary, a documentary or two about the making of the film, still galleries, trailers, and... oh, yes! the movie itself.

The boxset contains All About Eve, Gentleman's Agreement, How Green Was My Valley, and Sunrise. The last one is of particular interest to me as it is a silent film from 1927. It is hailed as a masterpiece of the cinema, and I have long wanted to see it. To get a nice special edition of it so inexpensively was a wonderful surprise.

This evening we watched "How Green Was My Valley". It was a very good film and I recommend it. It's about a poor Welsh family in a mining town from about 100 years ago and how they deal with hard times like strikes, unions, and deaths in the mines. We liked it a lot and want to see it again some time.

Tomorrow, we'll watch another one of those films. Don't know which one yet. But I'll keep you, my readers, up-to-date because I know you just hang on every little thing that goes on in my life, don't you?

What movies do you want to see, but never have got around to?


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