Sunday, December 28, 2008

606th Post - The Classic Movie for December 28

I bought a dvd boxed set last week containing 4 films. I wrote about that acquisition last evening. We watched "All About Eve" this afternoon, and I am not sure what to say here. I can understand why people would have liked it back then; but by today's standards, it was a hard row to hoe. 150 minutes of people talking, and smoking, and Bette Davis monologues is asking a bit more of me than I am prepared to supply. "How Green Was My Valley" yesterday was far more compelling than "Eve" was today.

We haven't watched the special features yet. They include 2 audio commentaries and some documentaries and some other stuff. Maybe watching them can help us appreciate this movie more. I am skeptical.

Next: Either "Sunrise" or "Gentleman's Agreement". But not for a couple of days. It's back to reality (and work!) tomorrow.


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